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Batanayi Tawengwa

Batanayi Tawengwa was born in 1983 in Zimbabwe. He is living in Marondera (Zimbabwe). It was in high school that his artistic talent was first recognized and acknowledged publicity. In 1999, at the age of 16, he won the Allied School Arts competition. In his second year (2002) in the Applied Art and Design program at Harare Polytechnic College he placed at top of his class. Batanayi's work is a reflection of his environment. His pieces depict the time and labour required by rural life, and the relationship between that life and the character of those who live it.

Education and Training

1996 - 2001 Cambridge Advanced Level Graduate, Jameson High School, Kadoma, Zimbabwe
since 2002 Applied Art Design Program, Harare Polytechnic College, Harare, Zimbabwe


2002 Solo Exhibition at Richards Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe
2002 Hartman House Well Known Artists Exhibition, Harare, Zimbabwe
2002 Borrowdale Park Exhibition, Harare, Zimbabwe
2002 Mukuvisi Eoodland Exhibition, Mukuvisi, Zimbabwe
2002 Alexander Park School Exhibition, Harare, Zimbabwe
2003 Glen Lorne Professional Artists Exhibition, Harare, Zimbabwe