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Jeff Wambugu    Jeff Wambugu

Jeff Wambugu was born in 1975 in Karura Location in Kiambu District (Kenya). In 1981 he joined Kirangari primary school and in 1991 he was admitted in Kamahuha Secondary school. In 1995 he completed his secondary school education.

After school he did farming, where he learned land scaping. Later he discovered that land scaping is the mother art. He was inspired in designing and he started sign writing. Jeff Wambugu later met some painters from whom he drew inspirations. His work reflects daily life. His favourite subjects are street life, market scenes etc., all that is happening around him.


2000 Art affair, Ramoma, Nairobi, Kenya
2001 Kenya constitution exhibition, National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya
2001 Strokes on the hills, Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya
2001 Art affair, Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya
2001 Kuona Trust Studio, National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya
2001 Emerging artists, Banan hill art studio, Kenya
2001 Street workshop, Runda junction, Nairobi, Kenya
2002 French Ambassador Residence, Nairobi, Kenya
2002 German School, Nairobi, Kenya
2002 Less is more, Goethe Institute, Nairobi, Kenya
2002 Art of Africa, Filling Don Farm, UK
2002 Intercultural exchange, St. Julian, Limuru, Kenya
2002 Reduction, Corat Africa Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya