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A-Gallery is a web gallery of original contemporary African paintings by artists from East and South Africa.
The Web Gallery
The goal of the web gallery is to provide young artists a medium to show their talents and allow their works as well as the works of already internationally renowned artists to be enjoyed by many people.
Organization of exhibitions
We are also concerned with the planning and execution of exhibitions of contemporary paintings from East Africa. For more information please send us an email.
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A-wiki is a wiki on contemporary African paintings especially from East Africa.
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Africa possesses a several thousands of years old culture. Expressed particularly in myths, legends, fables, in songs and proverbs. This section deals with traditional African stories and mythical figures but also with legends, fables and more general subjects that played and a part in African mythology and African life and still influence the African art.
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Jeff Wambugu: 3 women
Jeff Wambugu: 3 women
Exibition scapes of our land by Rahab Shine
Exibition "scapes of our land" by Rahab Shine

Latest entries:
BANANA HILL (KENYA), July 4 - August 7, 2008:
Scapes of our land
Exhibition by Rahab Shine at the Banana Hill Art Studio, Banana Hill (close to Nairobi), Kenya


Fourth AfricanColours Gallery Walk 2008

AfricanColours was organizing the fourth Gallery Walk scheduled for the 5th of April 2008. This time the participants had the opportunity to discover the new RaMoMa gallery then bus out to the Kitengela plains to visit Nani Croze of the world famous Kitengela glass studios. Jimnah Kimani of the famed Java Coffee house paintings also in Kitengela opened his new studio doors especially for the GalleryWalk participants.

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Fourth AfricanColours Gallery Walk

Reflections from the 4th Gallery Walk

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