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MABOOMBOOM Kenya Arts Festival 2003
to Awaken the Country

The Banana hill art studio invites you to an exhibition in joint with the biggest ever heard Art Festival.

The exhibition will be inside the Banana hill art studio. The exhibition is taking of the same day with other artistic activities in Nairobi, at the French Cultural Centre, Goethe Institute, Ramoma, Banana hill art studio, National Museum of Kenya, Gallery Watatu etc. Other activities at the Uhuru park and in the Nairobi streets.


Celebrate 40 years of Kenya's Cultural Independence

Friday 7th - Sunday 16th March


For the first time in Kenya's history our own visual and performing artists from around the country have joined hands to produce an explosive event to awaken national appreciation of our own arts culture and national heroes.

The MABOOMBOOM Kenya Arts Festival will be the biggest multi-discipline festival ever seen in mainland East Africa, incorporating acrobatics, visual arts applied arts, comedy, cuisine, dance, fashion, film, literature, music and theatre over an action-packed 10 days. Hosted in Nairobi, MABOOMBOOM will see repeats of Kenya's best plays, screenings of our own films, fashion parades in the streets, public toilets given a facelift with original murals, traditional food in plenty, as well as two huge concerts featuring Kenya's best musicians, dancers and acrobats.

Visual Artists: Our talented artists will splash the city with colour throughout the festival with murals painted on dilapidated public walls to liven up our urban environs. Sculpture and art will also be displayed in shop windows, hotel lobbies, banks and pleasantly unexpected areas to showcase the work of Kenyan artists. The public will be encouraged to get involved in art making through outreach projects. Various art exhibitions will also be hosted by Nairobi's popular art galleries. More ideas are also welcome!